• James

    James, a former Division 2 baseball player, has transitioned his passion for sports into a successful career as a Sports Trader at one of Canada's leading sports media companies. His extensive knowledge and expertise have propelled him to pursue a profitable gambling career, specializing in player props across various sports.

  • Mike

    Mike is a former college football player now working as a Senior Sports Trader in the betting industry. With over 7 years of experience in the sports betting industry as a bettor & trader it has allowed Mike to gain a unique skillset and knowledge of the industry that has made him profitable in all the major North American leagues.

  • Andre

    Andre is an accomplished Sports Trader at one of Canada's premier Sportsbooks, bringing two years of valuable experience in the Sports & Gaming industry. With a personal betting history spanning over five years, Milton has honed his knowledge and skills to achieve remarkable profitability across major sports such as Basketball, Baseball, Football, and Soccer.

  • George

    George is an avid Sports Gambler with success and knowledge in many professional sports but specializing in the UFC and relating combat sports. By leveraging his Sports Gambling knowledge and unique understanding of the sport, it has allowed him to pursue a profitable gambling career.